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Full renovation of a historical hotel, Working with the client and operator to keep the spirit of old building, the area and to create new and modern luxury hotel.

I was a lead designer on this project working directly with Alex Kravetz on the full scope of the project. From initial design concept to working documentation 


Scope of work included: 141 Rooms, Suites and Presidential Suite,

Lobby Lounge, ADD Restaurant Bar, Cigar Lounge, Spa and Roof top Club 



The Fort-like hotel the only one of this type in the Sultanate. Our vision is to create the interiors to reflect the contemporary interpretation of this inspiring architectural style. Beautiful features and grandeur is highlighted with architectural lighting, generous spaces and proportions will be timeless in their perception

restrained beautiful detailing the interiors are filled with contemporary inspiring art reminiscent of the colours and lines of the nature, architecture, textiles and crafts of Oman


New built a luxury hotel in the centre of Moscow. The scope of work: Public areas, Guestrooms, Suites, SPA


The hotel was designed in with a flavour of constructivism as a response to the location.

I have been involved in all of the stages of the design process, All of the digital artwork in the hotel was created by me in Photoshop. Additionally, I have spent 3 weeks on-site before Grand opening supervising a team of contractors making sure the AKD’s vision was implemented



Head Offices renovation for a Silkways airlines. The scope of work 3 offices with a lounge area for the CEO and other high management staff and the boardroom.

I was the lead designer on the project,  Creating luxury contemporary offices  




Scope of work was to update existing hotel without changing the fabric of the building the. Creating a new stylish interior with nautical theme only changing decorative elements such as furniture and temporary, wall, rearranging the flow of people. 

Soft curvy furniture was selected as remanence of the waves, soft blue colour-scheme in furniture and artwork




Full Refurbishment of Grand Deluxe Guestrooms.

 A sophisticated design was created with a soft colour scheme and multilevel lighting. Design creates a comfortable and relaxing mood.

 A visual separation of bedroom zone and living zone was allows for the long room to feel proportional


Industrial style bar at Sheraton Oman.

AKD created a story, of the bar taking the aviation as it theme. The name “turbine bar” was proposed and elements were implemented through out. Old-school aviator seats, DJ’s booth looked like a front of old plane


My work at AKD focused on luxury hotels and high-end residences worldwide. As part of the team I’ve worked with many major hotel operators, from simple guest room refurbishments to complex renovations and re-branding.. The work I was involved with demanded a high degree of organization and a hands-on approach from the initial concept to completion. I was involved with projects from the initial masterplan to purchasing including the finer details like graphics and signage designs. My specific roles included:


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