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Our design process 

We love design and this is how we do it

initial consultation

The initial meeting has no obligation. It will allow the designer and the client to get to know each other and the project. We like to hear the client’s vision for their home or commercial space, get to know their taste and style, and jointly develop an idea by going through a questionnaire and looking at a collection of styles.  We will also establish a time line and the budget for the project.

For the best results we suggest meeting at the site so that we can review existing conditions.

In some cases, where work is done remotely and the client does not require a full service, this type of consultation can be done online via video call.

Interior Design, Maria Williams, Interiors, designer, Vancouver

Based on our initial meeting we will create a conceptual design for the interior, taking into account the client’s wishes and criteria. We will develop an appropriate style, customized to the client and the space. It will include a basic furniture layout, furniture options, colour scheme and finishing guidelines. The client can choose to take this concept and do all the purchasing themselves or work with us to develop the concept further. 

The concept will include a 3D model, which will give the client a general understanding of the space and how all elements fit together.  The model may not reflect exact furniture or finishes but, if desired, a photo-realistic 3D model can also be produced that more closely represents the final interior.

conceptual design

design development 

After the concept is approved bt the client we will develop our design taking into account any comments made by the client. At this stage, all design documents and preliminary furniture specification are prepared for approval and implementation. The following will be incorporated in a documentation package. They are to be used by the client Architect, Engineers and Interior Designer for design intent only.

  • Define and Description of Structure, Space Plan and Elevations and other relevant drawings.

  • Architectural drawing approval for necessary permit application.

  • Lighting Design.

  • Material Selection

  • Furniture selection.

  • Final Design Presentation.

Interior Design, Maria Williams, Interiors, designer, Vancouver

If the client is looking to upgrade his or her space using existing furniture, or wants select his or her own furniture, we can assist with space planning, layout and preparation of construction drawings.

Construction drawings will include:

  • Demolition plan

  • Construction plan

  • Floor plan

  • Electrical & lighting plan

  • Finishes plan

construction documentation 

furniture & materials 

In many cases the client has a very clear idea about the space planning or is not doing major structural work, but still needs advice with decorative elements, coordinating materials and colours. In this case we can recommend the furniture, fixtures and finishings to suite your style and budget. Let us fill your home with beautifully designed elements.

This stage will include:

  • Budget review

  • Furniture and decorative elements selection

  • Lighting fixtures selection

  • and materials

  • Bathroom sanitary-ware and fixtures

  • Window treatment, area rugs

  • Artwork, mirrors and so on

Interior Design, Maria Williams, Interiors, designer, Vancouver

design execution

Putting a design together is often only half of the task. It’s important that during implementation all goes according to plan.

We offer to take your project all the way to completion, including taking care of any and all changes that may need to happen on site. In addition, we will coordinate with the contractor and other trades, paying attention to .the smallest details of design. Where needed, we can also create custom furniture, lighting, millwork and build-ins, look after purchasing and procurement, and take care of all other details related to project execution, leaving to you the simple enjoyment of walking in to your picture-perfect interior space.

3d modeling

graphic design

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